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TIC also monitors major corruption cases in a systematic way. We also conduct our own investigations, through which we seek information about corrupt practices. 

In this web section we present corruption scandal case studies that are based on our own analyses. You may also find information about TIC’s own investigations here.

What We Can Do

Our task is to supervise the public interest. Our work is based on the fundamental principles of acting independently and professionally, and being unbiased towards any particular interests while remaining open towards the public. The information we work with is obtained through analysis of publicly accessible sources and databases, from our own activities and from corruption whistleblowers and witnesses. Our investigation project is one of our strategic pillars. Our capacity is of course limited. We select cases for individual treatment based on whether public officials were corrupted, whether serious damage was caused, and whether the evidence is substantial enough to indicate a good chance for successful resolution of the case.

The Limits of Our Work

Of course, TIC is limited in its status as a non-governmental organization. In this respect, we have no powers other than those reserved by law to any citizen. We are not allowed to investigate cases like authorities involved in criminal proceedings. Our experience however shows that properly prepared criminal complaints, along with media publicity of a case, can lead to at least partial success in the given case and relevant consequences.

Protection of Whistleblowers

Whistleblowers, as key individuals in the detection of corruption, fraud or organized crime, are a vulnerable group of people who may be exposed to various reciprocal actions. Our aim is to help protect them. TIC is working on a conceptual whistleblower protection project that includes improvement of the legislative framework for this area.

The main principle of our work is that we do not pass on any data that could lead to the identification of individuals who request our help, and we do not take any steps that would affect them without their prior consent. You can find more information on this issue here

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