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Thank you for your interest in supporting the work of Transparency International – Czech Republic. Your gift will enable us to provide long-term monitoring of and quick responses to serious cases of corruption in the Czech Republic, independent of government subsidies and foundation grants.

Do you want to support our work on long-term and regular basis? Become a member of Transprarency International Club. Becoming a member means joining a group of people who do not consider clientelism, corruption and protectionism as the standard and who have decided to express their opinion through the Transparency Club. The Transparency Club was established for everyone who doesn’t want to just keep reading about more and more cases of protectionism, bribery and manipulated public tenders. Through your membership, you make your position clear while also helping our work. Read more about Transparency International Club.

If you wish to send a one-off gift or set up a standing payment order to our account, TIC's bank account number is 2100385154/2010. The account is administered at the Fio banka, a. s.,  V Celnici 1028/10, 117 21  Prague 1. For more information on one off gift clich here. 

Do you like what Transparency does? Do you believe that pointing out corruption, clientelism and misuse of public property is essential to bringing about change?

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