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Stop Targeting Hungarian NGOs!

13. 06. 2014

Since its re-election, the Hungarian government launched a campaign attacking the credibility of Hungarian NGOs and are striving to gain controlling power over their funding distributed independently from the government.

Political parties publish more information about campaign finance than in the past but some important data is still missing

17. 05. 2014

The results of the monitoring of electoral campaign to the European Parliament, performed by Transparency International Czech Republic, are not optimistic. Four parties out of ten do not have a transparent bank account. Some of the parties do not disclose information about the members of their electoral teams or media agencies they cooperate with. None of the monitored parties communicates the amount of money spent on advertisements or billboards. According to Admosphere, the amount of money spent on this campaign is up to 93 million CZK (3.4 million EUR). The situation will not improve without the law on political party financing. 

TI Czech Republic maps out electoral campaign to the European Parliament

7. 05. 2014

TI Czech Republic sets out for the third time to monitor the electoral campaign financing within the Transparent elections project. And this time it aimes to engage the general public by the means of mapping out the electoral billboards. To this end,TI  developed an app “Map it Out” which is available here. While political parties might not be willing to disclose any information on media campaign spending, TI can gather the data and estimate the extent of the campaign for each political party.

First EU integrity report highlights risks of corruption in European institutions

24. 04. 2014

EU institutions are vulnerable to corruption due to loopholes and poor enforcement of rules on ethics, transparency and financial control, according to a report published today by the anti-corruption group Transparency International.

Political party financing is unclear; TI will monitor the EU elections jointly with the public. Take photos of campaign billboards and monitor together with TI

9. 04. 2014

Prague, 9th April – The results of the last year presidential and parliamentary campaign financing monitoring, done by Transparency International (TI) and the association Naši politici, are alarming. Four out of nine monitored parties did not have a transparent account during the parliamentary elections. It was often difficult to discover who the real donors and sponsors were even in the parties who did have transparent accounts. Moreover, at least 430 million CZK from party budgets passed through media advertising last year. Therefore TI will also monitor the upcoming election to the European Parliament with the help of a mobile and internet app (“Map it out”) which enables taking photos of electoral billboards. Now the public has the opportunity to get involved in the monitoring of electoral political campaigns. All the information is available at

Fighting Money Laundering in the EU

26. 02. 2014

MEPs voted to end secret ownership in the EU on 20 February. Transparency International applauds the decision taken by two European Parliament committees to make it harder to use anonymous shell companies and trusts to launder corrupt funds.


3. 02. 2014

Corruption continues to be a challenge for Europe - a phenomenon that costs the European economy around 120 billion euros per year. EU member countries have taken many initiatives in recent years, but the results are uneven and more should be done to prevent and punish corruption. In its February 2014 report, the European Commission provides a clear picture of the situation in each Member State: measures in place, outstanding issues, policies that are working and areas that could be improved.

New Year Message from TI

7. 01. 2014

2013 was a special year for all involved in Transparency International. We celebrated the dedicated people who met in The Hague twenty years ago to create an organisation that would fight corruption.
Corruption continues to devastate people's lives. When a thousand garment workers died after a factory in Bangladesh collapsed, it was a tragic reminder that corruption leads to poor quality construction or safety checks being neglected, and that corruption can kill. Courage is instrumental in combatting corruption. On the day of our 20th anniversary conference, we recognised the courage of Integrity Award winners Luo Changping and Rafael Marques.

Corruption Perceptions Index: Corruption around the world in 2013

3. 12. 2013

Download brochureBerlin, 3 December 2013 – Transparency International’s Corruption Perceptions Index 2013 offers a warning that the abuse of power, secret dealings and bribery continue to ravage societies around the world.
More than two thirds of the 177 countries in the 2013 index score below 50, on a scale from 0 (perceived to be highly corrupt) to 100 (perceived to be very clean).
"The Corruption Perceptions Index 2013 demonstrates that all countries still face the threat of corruption at all levels of government, from the issuing of local permits to the enforcement of laws and regulations," said Huguette Labelle, Chair of Transparency International.

Minimum Standards of Transparency of Public Procurement Ukraine

21. 11. 2013

The project follows on from a three-year partnership of Transparency International branches in the Czech Republic and Ukraine. In 2012, the Minimum Standards of Transparency of Public Procurement at the Local Level were worked out. The concept came from the outcomes and experience from previous projects and is a modification of the Czech model prepared by Transparency International Czech Republic and civic association “Oziveni”.

Transparency International marks 20 years of fighting corruption

8. 11. 2013

lead imageTransparency International marked the 20th anniversary of its founding today with a one-day conference and Integrity Awards ceremony, focusing on the road ahead in the global fight against corruption.

EU countries must do more to combat corruption by better protecting whistleblowers

5. 11. 2013

Most European Union countries fail to legally protect whistleblowers enough from retaliation in the workplace, shutting out an important actor in the fight against corruption, according to a new report  from Transparency International.   

TI: Monitoring of Parliamentary Election Campaign Finance

24. 10. 2013

After the success of monitoring of the Czech presidential election finance at the beginning of this year, Transparency International has focused on the upcoming parliamentary elections. This week Transparency International has published a final round of evaluation of parliamentary election campaign finance which monitored nine political parties with the greatest electoral potential.

KOPS was successfully completed

15. 10. 2013

Civil Anti-corruption Self-defence Courses (KOPS) were implemented by  Transparency International Czech Republic in the framework of the EU Structural Funds - Operational Programme Education for Competitiveness in the period of August 2012 - October 2013.

Many exporting nations still turn a blind eye to bribing foreign officials

3. 10. 2013

Publication cover imageOnly a fifth of the OECD Anti-Bribery Convention countries are steady enforcers. The governments of major exporting nations must do more to stop their multinational companies from bribing their way into international markets, the anti-corruption group Transparency International said today in a report on enforcement of the OECD Anti-Bribery Convention.

Watchdogs? The Quality of Legislative Oversight in 82 Countries

18. 09. 2013

Transparency International has launched a new report titled "Watchdogs? The Quality of Legislative Oversight in 82 countries." The report shows that most parliaments and legislatures have a vital role in curbing corruption but most of them are not performing. The Czech Republic is placed in the moderate band along with Hungary, Argentina, Italy, Mexico and other nine countries. Australia, Germany, Norway and the United Kingdom have been ranked amongst the best performers. 

Global Corruption barometer 2013

9. 07. 2013

Publication cover imageMore than one person in two thinks corruption has worsened in the last two years, according to the world’s largest public opinion survey on corruption from Transparency International, but survey participants also firmly believe they can make a difference and have the will to take action against graft. More you can see here.

Ekonom no. 25 about TI

27. 06. 2013

In 2001 the Transparency International Czech Republic presented the study of 13 major pillars of state and national integrity. "I could describe national integrity by one word – functionality. State tends to work so that even the latest cutting-edge components and technology are available, it is unable to put them together so that it can function perfectly," said study co-author and Transparency International  associate.

Visit of the delegation from Montenegro

13. 06. 2013

The first week in June 2013, TI in collaboration with United Nations Development Fund organized an exchange of experience between representatives of the Montenegrin Ministry of Justice and representatives of justice and their Czech counterparts. It was already a second project of this kind.

We are helping to develop anti-corruption activities in Egypt

20. 05. 2013

From May 13 – May 16, 2013 TI organized anti-corruption workshop in Cairo, Egypt, which was part of the project Path to the Law – support of ani-corruption activities in Egypt, funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic within the Transition Promotion Program - (TRANS).

Time to wake up: Newest global campaign of Transparency International

30. 04. 2013

If you think, you're notaffected by corruption, think again.

Corruption hurts all of us in different ways. In some countries, corruption takes place behind closed doors, invisible to most people -- but they nevertheless still suffer its consequences.

Poll: czechs consider most public officials corrupt

29. 04. 2013

Some three-quarters of Czechs are of the view that most or almost all public officials are entangled in corruption, according to a poll conducted by the Public Opinion Research Centre (CVVM) in March and released to CTK yesterday.

Regrettably low awareness in the private sector is an obstacle to the fight against foreign bribery in the Czech Republic

19. 04. 2013

The Czech government must urgently engage with the private sector to raise awareness, says a new OECD report. The awareness of the Czech foreign bribery offence remains regrettably low among companies, despite the recent adoption of a comprehensive corporate liability regime that holds Czech companies liable for this crime. Despite several requests, no Czech company was prepared to meet with the evaluation team that visited the country in October 2012.

Twenty years of fighting corruption

18. 04. 2013

In 1993, when former World Bank senior official Peter Eigen launched Transparency International together with nine allies, the world looked very different. There were no international anti-corruption conventions holding governments accountable, foreign bribes were tax deductible, and corrupt leaders were stealing millions from their citizens with impunity. View a timeline of major developments in our history


Post-communist institutions failing to stop corruption in Visegrad countries

26. 07. 2012

New study on corruption risks in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia.

Budapest, 26 July 2012 – Political influence over independent institutions is a systemic corruption risk in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia according to a new study released today by Transparency International.

Money, politics, and power: Corruption Risks in Europe

6. 06. 2012

Transparency International published a study on corruption risks within the EU member states. It focuses primarily on corruption resistance of individual institutions and the presence of measures, which prevent bribery or make bribery more difficult ('the national integrity system'). 

Press Release: The draft on statute on betting shops makes Czech Republic look like a money-laundering machine

15. 05. 2012

Transparency International Czech Republic (TIC) together with Citizens against gambling and Brneni refused a draft of a law on gambling and betting proposed by the Ministry of Finances. 

An interesting comparative outlook on the status of Czech and Montenegro's judiciary

15. 05. 2012

In cooperation with the United Nation's Development Programme, Transparency International organized a visit of Montenegro's state officials in the Czech Republic over the course of last week.

Press Release: One of the problems associated with bringing charges against corruption are mistakes made in conjunction to wiretapping. Courts penalize only mildly with no regard to the seriousness of the case.

15. 05. 2012

TIC prepared a detailed analysis of court decisions on corruption issued in 2007-2009 for the Office of the Government. This analysis (in Czech) is available here. To view the press conference from the Office of the Government on CT24 where TIC was present please click here

Press Release: Transparency International proposed a recommendation for new law on officials

15. 05. 2012

"New law should above all implement transparent processes with personnel in state administration. It is not possible to build the administration with ministry-buddies from politics or business," says Radim Bures from Transparency International,

Transparency International Club is now open to corporations

15. 05. 2012

Transparency International Club for individuals was founded in April 2011. From now on, however, the club has extended its membership to corporations, allowing them to support our efforts on a long term basis. Financial support – both from individuals and corporations – is key to us as it allows us to focus on current affairs, which we lack a budget on as most expenses go to long-term projects. If you like what we do, support us !

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